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oystashell wifi cover

Oystashell WiFi accesspoint protection

Hospitals and similar institutions need Wi-Fi Access Points to:

Be in the open, on a ceiling or a wall, so that they have a maximum range
Provide NO ligature risks
Be protected from vandalism: damage, theft or interference

Wi-Q automated ordering solution

A mobile ordering solution for every business
Our selection of mobile ordering and order management products suits a hospitality business of any shape or size

Remove unwanted noise from all of your calls

IRIS Clarity is a desktop app that uses AI to remove distracting noise at the flick of a switch, leaving you with nothing but clear speech and a conversation that flows.

Inovo Telecom - The customer service experience you want for yourself 

We provide the tech and ongoing optimisation to boost your contact centre's efficiency, productivity and CX

FireShot Capture 250 - INOVO Cloud Conta

Just add TRUST

Adding to your offer portfolio can be daunting and resourcing equally so, as you do not want to distract the current smooth running of your operation. So let us merge with your team and blend the new with the existing?

We are open to conversation to understand your challenges and evaluate how we can best make this happen for you and your customers

We work with vendors

- building a channel

- growing sales channels

- entering the UK market